Here are some of the clients I have worked with over the years. They have all worked incredibly hard to achieve their goals and I am proud of each and every one of them!

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“Chris uses a Quick and Easy Program to get the ball running with individual training and diet. Always had issues with Diet and Chris has been very helpful along the way which has allowed me to make progress. You don’t feel like you’re working with a trainer who is just in it for the money, and he actually teaches you ways and methods that you can actually learn from and not wondering what you just did during a session. I can work on my own and make meals that work for me and stay on track with my diet. If I have any issues he doesn’t mind when you have questions and is always willing to help on a personal basis. Look forward to Keep working with Chris and definitely recommend him to help others that have fitness goals.”

Before and Afters showing massive progress!




Lizz came to me wanting to drop weight and get in better shape.

We went over how we could slowly achieve her goals and after months of hard work daily with proper nutrition and training in the gym, she dropped many pounds!

Before and After
Fat loss
Before and After

“I reached out to Chris back in sept of 2018. I am one of those that thinks they know everything and I do not need help, but I didn’t realize until Chris laid out a workout and eating plan how much I was doing wrong in both areas, Chris laid out a plan and I lost 34lbs in a little over 9 months and it changed my confidence like you wouldn’t believe. Anyone looking to not just lose weight but to really change how they look and feel..look no further than Chris”

Before and after!

“Worked with Chris for a year and made so much progress mentally & physically. Chris takes the time to get to know you as a person and tailor your program to your lifestyle. He is not one of those cookie-cutter coaches who gives everyone the same plan. He cares about more than your fitness but how you are doing overall. He is very on top of things, organized, and timely. Highly recommended !!

Kecia during her massing phase showing growth in her lats!




Of all the people I have helped lose fat and get into shape, One of my proudest moments was helping Gina get back to the body she had before she was pregnant. She came to me with no knowledge of nutrition, and had no idea what she could do at home to exercise with a newborn.


“Since my late 20’s I have struggled with my weight trying fad diets and looking for any quick fi­x that didn’t involve a proper diet and exercise. I eventually hit a plateau after losing 30 pounds and felt lost on how to continue, so I turned to Chris for help and guidance.

Chris worked with me to set and obtain healthy fitness goals and taught me not to be afraid of food. Yes, I was afraid of eating “too much”, and thought that certain foods were “evil”.

Through Chris’s leadership, I was able to lose 30 additional pounds, while building muscle mass in the process. The muscular gains that I have made while training with Chris have far surpassed anything that I thought I could do. Before, my workouts mostly consisted of cardio a few times per week. This was due to the fact that I really didn’t know what I was doing when it came to working out with weights.

Since training with Chris, I feel more confident in working out on my own with free weights. I’ve gained knowledge of the proper form & technique needed to reduce the risk of injury. Working with my personal trainer, Chris, has instilled in me the confidence & discipline I need to continue to improve myself through sound nutrition and physical activity.

Now I am more aware of what it takes to maintain a healthy body. During the two years of working with Chris I have learned enough that I am able to do this completely on my own. I want to thank Chris again for all of his help and guidance and urge anyone who may feel lost to have him help, you won’t be disappointed!”

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With only 2 years of weightlifting experience, this was Savannah’s first real Fatloss attempt.

She lost a total of 15 lbs in these two pictures and kept most if not all of her strength in her Squat, Bench, and Deadlift.


weight training

Utilizing flexible dieting she ate what craved in moderation as well as minimal cardio to get the look she wanted.

Strong is sexy! No magic pills, excessive cardio, or sweat bands here just pure hard work!