Last minute gift ideas for your swole-mate in need!

Out of fitness gift ideas for your swole-mate, friend, or family member? Waited until last minute to get them the best gift you could possibly find?

It’s less than a week away from Christmas and Hanukkah and so I thought I would do a special blog post for everyone! If you celebrate these holidays or not this post will be full of good gift ideas for any occasion!  Here are my top 5 fitness gifts I would recommend this holiday season!

Here goes!


  1. Avantree Sacool Pro headphones-   

I can’t recommend these enough! I have owned many sets of headphones and these by far are my favorite. Five hours of gym time on a single charge and the sound quality is amazing for the price. For 29 bucks plus shipping you absolutely can’t beat the value. If you ever have a problem with these, they will send you a new pair, no questions asked! No need to spend hundreds on the ever so popular and overpriced Beats headphones, just grab a pair of these and your ears will be happy you did.

You can check them out HERE


  1. Schiek Sports Power Lifting Straps-lifting, straps, weights, bodybuilding

So these straps right here, best I have ever tried and I can vouch these bad boys last! I have owned mine for over 7 years and they still have not failed me. Great price and value. If you don’t buy them for anyone, at least buy them for yourself haha!

You can check them out HERE.


  1. Lock Jaw Pro Bar Collars-lockjaw, procollar, barbell

So your gym has the little metal collars that don’t hold anything on the bar, and you have to fight with them to get them off? Your solution is right here and they work great. Been using them for over 2 years with no problems and perfect for when you squat or deadlift. Definitely a game changer and I highly recommend them! You can grab them right HERE.


  1. Gym Chalk-chalk, barbell, lifting, gym

Not much of an explanation needed but if you lift heavy you know what this is good for! Whether you use it for Squats, Bench, Deadlifts, and a variety of other uses this is a must have in your gym bag! Be sure to pick up a Tupperware at the dollar store to keep this in so it doesn’t make a mess!

You can pick this up cheap during their holiday sale HERE!



  1. Training and Nutrition Online or Offline with Me!

So, I don’t advertise often but here I am, offering my services to you. I would love to work with you if you have the desire to change and take your body to the next level. If getting stronger in the gym is your thing, building bigger muscles, or even just maintain your current size but you want to get shredded with the new year coming…I can help you.  I can write you a 4, 8, and 12-week program and/or teach you how to change your current nutrition and lead a healthier life without sacrificing all the foods you enjoy.

Click HERE to Apply and see if we would be a good fit!


Now you’re thinking it’s 4 days till the holidays and how would I ever get it in time? Thankfully I realized Amazon Prime is doing 30 day free trials and you can get your last minute gifts in 2 days time! I would highly suggest signing up for it and getting those gifts ASAP!


Have a fantastic holiday and I hope you get some strong lifts in over the next week!







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