I’m all in. I want to Help, Inspire, and See You Succeed.

There came a point over 2 years ago I realized something monumental. Something that altered the mindset I had. Something I could actually envision and picture myself doing.

I found myself constantly thinking about fitness and yearning to learn more and more, no matter what it took.

Now, being someone who’s been in the automotive business for over 10 years as a mechanic, technician, and accessories installer…I knew other work had to be done towards this journey and it wouldn’t be easy. My mere associates in applied science for automotive wasn’t what I needed to start this path.

So I set off to learn!

After a week of searching for the right certification for me, I found that the most educational path I could take was to study for my NSCA certification. Well known, and a standard amongst a lot of gyms, I knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but it would be 100% worth it.

I followed their recommendations and bought every book that I would need to learn what I needed for the test and went to work (https://www.nsca.com/personal-trainer-study-materials/). I enrolled in the closest CPR and AED Certification class I could find as I needed as part of the prerequisites listed here (https://www.nsca.com/personal-trainer-exam-prerequisites/).

After months of studying, I got it. I put in the work and did what I set out to do.

I got certified.

Letting my passion drive me, I didn’t stop there. I started following a lot of influential people on the internet that were very transparent and told it how it was.

Influencers like Layne Norton (www.biolayne.com, the guys over at 3dmj (http://www.3dmusclejourney.com/), and The Strength Guys (http://thestrengthguys.com/) I realized I couldn’t get enough of this science-based approach to fitness. I watched YouTube video after YouTube video filled with information that just left me even more curious than before!

All the dispelling of old bodybuilding fallacies and myths blew my mind. So many things that friends had told me over the years and printed articles many magazines swore by got proved wrong one by one. It was like the laws of training and nutrition were being rewritten right in front of my eyes.




This was just the start, I really wanted to learn more.

Not just in the realm of nutrition and fitness, but I wanted to learn how to be a better person. How I could help people, learn from others, and improve my thought processes.

I drive all over NY for work from job to job and I found Audiobooks to be the gateway to all the information I could ever dream of. Nonfiction books became one of the best ways to pass the time whilst traveling. Audible.com became the best app on my phone to date.

From self-help books, Autobiographies, fitness books, and stories on how ordinary people created something from nothing, I became immersed in it all, and still am to this day.

It fascinated me.

I also discovered podcasts in the process of all this. Interview after interview of my favorite fitness personalities, answering questions and telling their stories on how they came to be, just blew me away. The amount of free information we can conjure up just by taking some time to listen is so huge it’s unbelievable.

I realized quickly, everyone has a story. We all have to start somewhere, and unless you make moves and try, and fail, and try again….you won’t get anywhere.

It’s important to recognize yourself in others and be humble enough to know that everyone is living through their own revolution.” -Eréndira Ibarra


With that said, I want to help you get into better shape.

Utilizing the right tools, I will help you get rid that stubborn fat that has been around for years, all while making you stronger in the gym and healthier.

If muscle building is what you seek, that can be accomplished with some well-planned eating and lots of resistance training.



There are no magic pills or gimmicks here.



I can provide the guidance as long as you promise to put in the hard work and trust in the process.

The results you seek are just around the corner.

Now let’s shift into gear and get you moving closer to your goals!


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